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 Ian Reid has a degree in History from the University of the West Indies. However art has always been his passion. He worked for AMPLE for a short spell as well as Stephen Yates Associates in London as a graphic artist. He currently holds a certificate in Graphic Design from Barking College. Ian lives in Santa Cruz.

Design is my thing, not copy writng. I get pictures that work well with the given copy. If you are a great copywriter then maybe you can give me some suggestions as to how to write this statement. I am not a writer.

While attending UWI I was forced to write and though I did it reasonably well, I would rather draw. Not that I did much of that either, but that's another story. To keep a long story short I was not inspired much artistically by UWI. Yes there were great moments but I felt that I was not doing what I really wanted to do.

After I graduated I puttered around as a free-lancer and spent a few horrible months as a full time artist. I decided that I was going nowhere and fast. I was happy though, my girlfriend, my friends and my family supported me throughout my tough patches, and without that I would not have my sanity today. I even threw in the towel and registered as a teacher at the Ministry of Education, and still have not been made a teacher (thank God). However the opportunity came up to go to England, even for a short time, one year, to do Graphics as a serious course.

At Barking College I was inspired. I was presented with a whole new world. It really makes a difference going away and letting your mind be opened by the opportunities in developed countries. The tutors were able to channel my raw talent and for that I will always be grateful. The students were great blokes who were serious about studying and the design industry was an experience that is really indescribable. So after spending a year in England I am now back home.

At the time of writing this I have had three interviews and two 'non-committal' offers for jobs. The portfolio and my time at Barking as well as short stints at Central St Martins has made me marketable. This is probably the one thing I hoped to be when I came back, and so far it has all gone according to plan. So if you need a job done- I'm your man.

Thanks for reading this long boring diatribe, but now you know a little more about me. Now I would like to know about you, if you hate/love/have an indifferent attitude towards this website, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.



 Fatima College

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At Fatima I was taught that art was bad. It was not a science and therefore not worth considering. But my parents, unbending and unforgiving, pushed me into the arts. It was probably the best thing anybody has ever done for me besides give me life.

By form six I was on top of my class in the Art department under Mrs Utra Amow (who still teaches there) and won a few awards for my work. However I had some outside tutelage from Mrs Shelia Edwards from St Joseph's Convent. These two people inspired and helped me.



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In UWI my mind was opened to the possibilities of education and its perceived power and I got a first hand experience of blind and mediocre attitudes of students and faculty in St Augustine. However I met a great group of friends who I still keep in contact with. One of which is my friend Damien who currently holds a nice job at CCN TV6. He helped me IMMENSELY when I became Publications Person, where I cut my teeth as a publisher and designer.

Dr Selwyn Carrington, Proff Brinsley Samaroo and Ken Crichlow were all great influences on my career at UWI and helped understand my place in this world.

While at UWI I met my girlfriend who I am still with and who, though we fight, I love dearly. I suppose that's one of the high points of University, meeting this incredible girl and sharing some really fun times with her.

I graduated with an honors degree in History with an undeclared minor in Creative Arts.


 Barking College

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London is huge. England is even bigger. The crowds and the diversity is mind boggling for a small 'country bokie' from T&T. I stayed with my cousin in Barking in the east end. There I attended a school that, though catered for people the same age as John D. students, was light years ahead with its curriculum. There, under Sue Molineaux and Mark Hudson as well as photographer Sam Pisnaya and a host of other great tutors, I was taught to 'sell' and to design. I had finally found out the difference between artist and designer and I was happy, for here in England there were others just like me, with the same goals and creative spirit.

I have a 'Distinction Certificate' from the Department of Graphic Design and I could not have hoped for anything better. It was a good idea going.

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