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About this Website


Late in 1997 I put up the 'Reid Designs' webpage on tripod. I was, at the time, teaching myself HTML and I thought I had done something cool. While in England, I saw the type of designs that were floating around the web and in Central St Martins and I told myself: 'Yeah that's the stuff!' So after doing a six week internet course with Mr Rory Hamilton at DALI I now had the skills to do something TRULY great. The only problem was I could not update this site at all: no computer and no proper web access being the cheif culprits. So I had to pull down the site with a promise to upgrade.

So here it is. The upgrade you were told about. I hoped to make it different from what I usually see and different from what local Trini's do. I concentrated on the visual aspects and the navigability, also my site is small because my target audience is a select group. Therefore I have concentrated on showing my graphic work and selling myself as an artist. However if anything else crops up, it will go in and if there are any suggestions I will entertain them. This site will grow, I hope.

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