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The BBC Microcomputer Page

The Reid's Software Inventory

The following is a list of the software that the Reid family owned for its BBC.



Description (if any)



Small program that enabled the user to print fancy headline text and unique fonts.



Another program for printing. This one was written in BASIC by Mr Jason Arenaud at the age of 15. It printed banners with various font styles and sizes.



A work in progress for Mr B. Reid. Some code left in hard copy but the researcher does not know if it was ever finished. It was designed for secondary school teachers to organise their timetables.



Some kind of Artifical intelligence program?



This was a cool program for younger children. It taught programming and basic math with its fun interface. (a triangle made out to be a Turtle) If anybody has any more info on this please tell me.


Unfortunately the passage of time and memeory has affected the writer from recovering MOST of the applications that ran on the Reids' BBC. During the course of the next few weeks an attempt will be made to update this list. . .



Description (if any)



Bought on cassette (or tape) took over 10 minutes to load. A black and white line game (first ever 1st person simulator) that ran smoothly and flawlessly. See the story here.



This game is still in the writer's possesion on 5 1/4 DD diskette. Full colour second person arcade style game. Utilised strategy and skill to finish. Took the researcher months to finish it. . .worth the price paid for: £11.95. See story here.

Citadel front cover


This was a HUGE game for such a small computer. the author and his friend both marvelled at the size of this game. It even had a save feature that had not been utilised by any game so far. See the story here


Play it Again Sam I & II

What nowadays can be called a 'bundle' was actually collection of four games in each package. The researcher can only remember four of the games:
StrykersRun, Strykers Run II Codename Droid, Thrust, Galaga?, Ravencastle? Any more info would be appreciated.

Strykers' Run Cover

Revs & Revs 4 Tracks

Two tapes, 4 Tracks is still in possesion of the author. Another first person simulator. You are a formula one race car driver on some of the toughest tracks in Europe. The first track is Silverstone. The game coincided with Acorn Comp.'s sponsorship of the late David Hunt's race in the mid eighties.


Repton 3

The third installment of the Lemming-like Repton maze game. This version allowed you to design your own levels. The author utilised this feature extensively to base a game on the discovery of the Titanic in 1986. See his review of the Titanic movie for more info.

Click Me

Repton Infinity

The final? installment of Repton and the family's last BBC purchase. This was another phenomal game. This game went beyond a game in most respects: following up on the spirit of the BBC's thrust toward education, Repton Infinity was designed to teach programming in a fun way. Enemies, walls, power ups and so on could be PROGRAMMED to act differently to make the game MUCH more interesting.


Thanks to Robert Schmit for putting up some of these pictures on his web site so that I could have access to some of them for research sake and to my Father for helping me reconstruct the past.
If you would like to learn more about the history of the BBC Micro then go here


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