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Use creative and visual skills to package the piece of music given. You will have no information on the artist/s who produced the piece so its up it's up to you to invent them and to package their sound in a way that you think reflects their work in the most positive way.

Sketch book

Graph of music etched out onto scratch board. A mood sheet.

I enjoyed this project immensely. I love a challenge and this was it. If you listen to the sample you will understand. The piece was actually from a British and Japanese band (duo) who use electronic 'noise' to make a 'rhythm.' It was totally alien to me and I loved it. I did a lot of study of Giger because the sound had an organic feel despite its jarring overtones. However I happened onto a piece of metal sheeting and I tortured it into a shape that reflected the nature of the sound I was hearing. R.U.R stands for Rossum's Universal Robots (the play that influenced (indirectly) I. Asimov). I received a distinction for this one for innovative thinking.