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Hi guys, if you are reading this then you probably got my e-mail. Its been a while hasn't it? well here's what I've been up too these last few months. These are some of the pieces that I have chosen.

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Client: The Mutual Insurance Co. Ltd.

This client was nuts! Deadline for Christmas press advertisements was the 17th of December. This client demanded that we give them an insertion AFTER the deadline. AND they wanted photography done. This is the business. Last minute and quick. So I had one day to shoot, scan and layout. The morning I oversaw the shoot by bullying the client to move the Christmas tree to the foyer of their headquarters (hence the background) and I got the photographer to shoot from the second landing of the stairwell. . . the production manager was still wrapping those empty gift boxes when we began shooting. . . we wrapped in an hour and I finished the layout by that same evening. I must admit it was fun but emotionally taxing. I think its one of my better pieces. (I had to 'degrease' some of the faces and I didn't do such a GREAT job but hey I can't be expected to do EVERYTHING!)


Client: The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Product: An online banking system for company managers.

Insertion: The local press (newsprint)

This ad is my best BUT also my worst. I went in on a Saturday to layout with the copywriter and we had no problem getting approval. Things went smoothly for the shoot, I had to create a windows screen on a mac that we used as a prop. I wasn't happy with the models as I think they are too young. . . but the client approved the concept and the models so we shot. The first insertion was printed badly by the press (an occupational hazard) and the client behaved like a spoilt 'brat' and demanded we 'fix it.' I darkened the picture a little and it came out WORSE in another newspaper that was notorious for printing our ads badly. The Shit hit the fan as the client REFUSED to pay for it. They claimed that we did nothing to 'improve the ad' (i.e get better models reshoot and layout from scratch) as they did not like the ad even AFTER seeing it pass back and forth for weeks. So right now the new creative Director did his own layout and we are shooting the ad again. . . money down the toilet and me wondering if they are going to keep me employed for this cockup that wasn't my doing. . .

(Dan do you remember me trying to recreate the corporate id for this client while I was at barking the last month we were there? Full circle and highly IRONIC don't you think?)

Client: Johnson & Johnson

Product: Neutrogena skin care promotion

Basic premise: Sell Neutrogena and sweeten the deal for women by giving away a prize. Problem: 'Brand footprint' does not allow for showing 'skin' Imagine that. . . a skin care line and we can't use a real life model. . . So what I got was 'The invisible woman' worse yet I was not on the shoot as the model was obviously a woman and only women were allowed in the studio. I had no creative control in that area. To make matters worse the nightie was scanned badly and had to be rescanned and colour corrected properly. . . however the point of sale stuff looks good but the press ad is blegh. . . .I still like it because it isn't OVERLY sweet and not OVERLY male. . . had to get in touch with my feminine style for this one. . . :)

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